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Missing Text (Shadowgate) / Garbled Text (Kings Quest V)

A topic by resx created Aug 14, 2016 Views: 561 Replies: 7
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In Shadowgate, there is a lot of text. Some periods and numbers don't even exist on screen after they're written.

Also, in both Shadowgate and in Swords and Serpents (another text heavy game), the emulator decides to do a lot of wacky things with a lot of the letters and you spend about 3 minutes per screen of text leveling everything out. Instead of getting to the fun work, you spend all your time fixing text stuff in the bottom half of the screen.

This emulator is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing what additions you make to it in the future. I don't think I'm going to be able to spend any time working on roms yet like I wanted to until some things get ironed out. None of the games I want to play are working very well with it yet.

Two other suggestions I can think of now for future releases:

1. The ability to hold down CTRL and select multiple pieces at once.

2. Keyboard shortcuts for some of the more common commands instead of having to use the mouse for everything in the editing tab.

Thanks again.

Thank you for the interest!

1. Multiple sprite selection and many more features have been confirmed to be supported in future release. More info:

2. Keyboard shortcuts have been assigned for every buttons in the editor tab. Please read the manual.doc

Could you post a screenshot for my better understanding?

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Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. Again, can't believe I missed that manual.doc. I thought the 4 videos were the only documentation.

Great to hear that sprite selection and more will be added, and also that keyboard shortcuts are already in there. Man... I really have to read that Manual. ;)

Here's a couple of screenshots of Shadowgate and the garbled text. The EXACT same thing happens in Swords and Serpents so I didn't bother getting any shots of that game.

Those first two pics show the jumbled up way the emulator displays text in these games. This is on a fresh and completely unedited 3DN file.

In this pic, there should be a period where the red circle is, but instead there is just nothing. No brick or anything at all to adjust.

I think you called the right decision to stop it here. All this mess will be fixed in an eye blinking with mass shape selection.

Sweet :)

Any idea why the period in the 3rd picture doesn't exist though? Mass selection won't fix that problem if the grapic doesn't even exist.

UPDATE: King's Quest V. This bug is REALLY strange. Probably not related at all to the Shadowgate bug, but I didn't want to create another topic that sounded so similar to this.

Dialogue is a HUGE part of this game. Every time a dialogue box pops up, it seems to blend with the sprites already on the screen and show a bunch of buggy text and incorrect colors. Also, when you open up your inventory menu the same thing happens. I only took a shot of one example, but this happens every time.

This second pic is the reverse side of the game just to show that the text isn't hidden behind the sprites.

Same emulation bug i think. The official 1.1 is comming.

Really looking forward to this. I think I'll work on Final Fantasy or one of the Dragon Warrior games first when we've got save states.

Any idea when?