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Broken Reality

First person adventure-puzzle game set on the Internet · By Dynamic Media Triad

This game is just delightful!

A topic by Adrionic created Dec 10, 2018 Views: 264
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The controls are straight-forward, the visuals are top of the line, the game plays super smooth and won't fail to make you laugh constantly. There are mechanics that make the game extremely enjoyable and satisfying to play. There are so many moments where I had to just stop and take in the scenery and music because it was all so damn good! As vibrant and sporadic as the game seems on the surface, it's incredibly peaceful and lighthearted. Play this game is you want to instantly put yourself in a better mood! Worth every penny if you're a fan of vaporwave, memes, and all around peaceful vibes!

I made a video of this game and will be doing a series on it. 5/5!