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You've done it again! One of the creepiest games I've played! your character design is flawless when it comes to genuinely creepy horror. I didn't find the hidden meaning whatsoever, but still thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough! Here's the video: 

I had fun with this! I tried to make light of some of the grammatical errors, I mean no offense by it!! I was a bit confused about the ending, I wasn't sure if I just plain old lost or if that's how the game is supposed to end. Overall, a great start, pretty solid story, and a few decent jump scares! Here's my playthrough:

This was great, but too short! Had a creepy overall atmosphere. I would've loved to get a closer look at the monster or see what was growing in the mines! Either way, I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

For the first time, a game has left me almost speechless.... I didn't understand a single thing that was going on the whole time I played! Here's my playthrough:

Here's another video of The Way Out! Definitely my favorite of the two Mersus Tapes. Loved the variety of environments! Here's my playthrough:

It's been a while since I've played this game, but I loved it so much I just HAD to try the Mersus Tapes! Here's my playthrough of The Wolf:

Wow,I haven't screamed this loud in a while... TERRIFYING game! Lots of fun though! Here's my playthrough:

This game is absolutely phenomenal. Took a bit of trial and error on my part to figure out the good ending, but I loved every second of this game! Genuinely creepy! I managed to get both endings in this playthrough:

I had no idea!!! Definitely gonna play through this even more! Thanks for the info!

Trippy, nasty, creepy, and overall very enjoyable. It felt like I was descending further and further into madness itself. 10/10 would play again! Here's my playthrough:

This game is so much fun! Lots of replay value! I really enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

This is great! Makes the most out of keeping the player in one spot, and portrays sleep paralysis fairly accurately! I liked this! Here's my playthrough: 

This has a lot of promise! Great atmosphere, there's space for a good storyline. Way to short, I want more! Here's my playthrough:

This was really silly. Made me chuckle many times. I had a lot of fun with this one! Here's my playthrough:

This was pretty good! Loved the old school feel. A lot shorter than I thought, but it had a great atmosphere. Here's my playthrough:

This game is so unique and interesting! Really refreshing to see something different being brought to the table when it comes to horror games. That being said, I am absolutely terrible at this game! I didn't even come close to beating it but I tried to make as funny a video as I could out of it! Here's my playthrough: 

This game was great! A few grammar mistakes, but the gameplay makes up for it! Great surreal atmosphere that builds up over time. Some areas were a bit too dark to see in, but I managed to get to the end! I liked this! Here's my playthrough:

This was fantastic! A lot harder than I thought, and took much longer to be than I anticipated. But overall, i really enjoyed this game! Stylistically pleasing to look at, and builds up intensity nicely. Here's my playthrough:

This was very good! Aesthetically pleasing, felt great to play. Nice buildup towards the end. I was really impressed by the vast woods. Here's my playthrough:

This was pretty decent! I gave a more in depth analysis at the end of this video:

Such a cool game! It really plays with the mind and shatters any expectations that build up when playing. Even when you think you know what's coming, things change, even in very subtle ways. Super creepy game, had a very professional feel to it. Here's my playthrough:

This was one of the best indie horror games I've ever played! Super intense, and genuinely frightening. I absolutely loved this. Here's my playthrough: 

I can't find the key to the nursery anywhere :(

This is such a cool game! I love the changing environments. This has the feel of a triple A title. Here's my playthrough:

This was very well made! Extremely creepy. I liked this a lot! Here's my playthrough:

This is the perfect Christmas horror game! I had a lot of fun (and some rage) with this! Here's my playthrough:

This game was very well made. The writing, the pacing, the atmosphere, everything was top notch. Here's my playthrough: 

I tried the 2 harder difficulties.... I have been defeated.

This was really cool! Great atmosphere, challenging gameplay. I sucked really bad at this, so I couldn't beat it. Here's my playthrough: 

Great short horror game! Got me good a few times! I'd love to see some interactive elements added to this! Here's my playthrough:

Such a good game! Great story buildup, fantastic pacing, solid gameplay with absolutely no bugs. Feels like a very unique game that stands out among some of the others on this site. Here's my playthrough:

I really liked this game! It's a great little teaser... I would love to see more! Here's my playthrough:

Something told me I would have to find a map! I wish I had more time to finish it on the video, I'll give it another playthrough on my own time to see the ending! Great game!

Such a tragic tale of the true meaning of Christmas... great puzzles and storytelling! I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

This was pretty good! The house is just a little too big though, which makes navigating very difficult. I didn't make it very far in the game, but I think having a mini map of sorts would make getting through the house a bit less repetitive. The concept of piecing together the memories through found objects is really cool! Great overall atmosphere and underlying story, it just got a bit repetitive and took too long for me to complete. Here's my playthrough:

This game gave me chills multiple times and jump scared me so good... I love this! Really scary and a cool back story! Here's my playthrough: 

This was a good atmospheric experience! I expected more gameplay, but it still did a great job of conveying its message. Here's my playthrough:

This was really cool! The complete silence other than random floorboards creaking added such a creepy element to the game. I wish it were longer! Here's my playthrough: 

Great game! The light puzzle elements and "escape room" feel gave it a great overall polish. I enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough:

It's okay! I really enjoyed the game otherwise. A great brain teaser, this part was just too difficult to figure out. I realize now that my first post came across a little mean, definitely not my intention. It's a great game! I'll give it another go with this newfound knowledge and post a video soon!