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Very creepy! The atmosphere brings you into the game and keeps you there. I'm pretty sure I didn't make any actual progress, but the giant stalker dude definitely had me shaking in my boots! Here's my play through of it:

A very dark game, with a truly ominous atmosphere. The audio is very nice and really puts you in the game. the "enemies" are really cool, and I absolutely love the art style. I would LOVE to see this made into a full-length game! Here's my play through:

This game was very well put together! A bit dark at times so seeing far in front of you isn't easy, but the atmosphere is very creepy, and the mannequin makes for a great antagonist of sorts. Character movement is solid. Sound is great in this game. Would love to play a full version of this!

Here's my playthrough of it:

I really enjoy the pixel graphics in this game. The movement is very smooth as well. This game is very short but there are more than one endings. I found 2, not sure if there are anymore. There aren't any jump scares, but the atmosphere in this game is enough to keep you on your toes! Would love to see a full length game like this! Here's my play through of it:

Definitely shorter than I expected, but this game inserted me into a very dark, creepy environment! One part even legitimately sent waves of chills down my spine! Worth playing! I hope to see more from the dev in a similar style! Here's my play through of it:

This game is a very atmospheric horror experience. It's visually stunning, the sound is utilized in great ways, and the few jumps I experienced were subtle and not annoying like a lot of games tend to include. I had a lot of fun and look forward to the full release! Here's my playthrough of it:

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This game is seriously frightening! The sense of dread builds slowly up until the first enemy you encounter, then goes too 100% and stays there. I've never actually felt claustrophobic in a video game until I played this. This game will also deceive you and lull you into a false sense of security at times only to knock you on your butt when you least expect it. The use of 3D audio ties the whole experience together.  9.8/10

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It took me a long time to find my way out of the beginning area, but once I was out of there and got into the meat of the game.... OH BOY. Let me just say I was legitimately scared to move anywhere the first couple of runs because the interactions with the "antagonist" are so intense and truly terrifying. To me, this is a game based on a combination of adrenaline and fear. The entire art style of the game gives it a gritty and old-school feel, basically as if you're playing a 1980's horror flick, and completely ties the experience together. Such a great indie horror game!

I made a video of my playthrough, although I don't get very far and actually stopped playing because my heart was beating so fast! Watch it if you'd like to get a look at the game before you buy!  Also, I do plan on playing this again and actually beating it!

One of the few legitimately heart-pounding games I've ever played! 10/10!

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This game is fairly confusing to figure out, but provides an intensely scary experience. I felt the most frightened when I had to stealthily avoid the crazy enemies and would nearly poop my pants whenever they chased me. Has an interesting back story that is very unique.  Visually, the game may seem basic, but the simplistic art style adds a lot to the experience, and there's no shortage of great scenery to admire! Definitely worth a play if you're a fan of surrealism and horror!

I made a series of videos for this game if you'd like to take a look before you buy and play it yourself! 8/10!

The controls are straight-forward, the visuals are top of the line, the game plays super smooth and won't fail to make you laugh constantly. There are mechanics that make the game extremely enjoyable and satisfying to play. There are so many moments where I had to just stop and take in the scenery and music because it was all so damn good! As vibrant and sporadic as the game seems on the surface, it's incredibly peaceful and lighthearted. Play this game is you want to instantly put yourself in a better mood! Worth every penny if you're a fan of vaporwave, memes, and all around peaceful vibes!

I made a video of this game and will be doing a series on it. 5/5!

This is such a great demo that made me want more! Takes place in a very creepy environment with lots of spooky noises. It has a small foundation for a story that actually pulled me in and kept me yearning to get answers! The camera mechanic is very cool as well. I highly  recommend this game, and I hope to see a full version in the future! Here is my experience with it. PLAY THIS DEMO!