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This was a pretty enjoyable experience! Very atmosphere heavy, but the game does a pretty good job of building tension. I think adding a more intense ending to the demo would tie it all together! Overall, I enjoyed this! 

If there was actually something here, like a game or something, I would say that it was a fun experience and definitely gave me a couple good scares. But there's nothing here, so.... yeah. 

Great work! 

This was a very enjoyable experience. The buildup of tension was really good, and I found myself becoming very investing in the story that was unfolding. I gave some thoughts at the end of the video. Great work!

Figured it out. I must say, that was a true test of my mental fortitude LMAO. A lot of trial and error, but I managed to get both endings! I'll be posting my playthrough soon! Thanks for the tips!!

Is there an ending to this? I've tried about 10 times and I keep getting to the lower area after getting the 2 keys and a giant snake kills me every time I try to progress...

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While this game didn't really scare me at all, I have to say, the story was really interesting. And the atmosphere was very immersive, I really felt like a part of the game. Overall, I enjoyed my time playing this! 

Another great game! Took me a while to escape the gingerbread man, but overall, I enjoyed this a lot! It definitely has a lot more tension than the previous 2 games I've played by this dev. Great work!!

Thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

This is some of the most fun I've had playing an indie game. Also, I didn't know this was a horror game... got jump scared so many times LOL

I absolutely love this game, and I hope it grows even more because it deserves to thrive. Amazing work.

To be honest, I was not expecting this to be as fun as it was. Very satisfying to play, albeit a little bit on the easy side. I gave some thoughts throughout the video, and even more at the end. I really enjoyed my time playing this, and I can't wait to see more! 

Awesome! I look forward to seeing more from you, you have a great eye for horror!  And thank you for the kind words! 

This was good! I liked the buildup of creepiness leading up to the ending. I did have a couple of issues that I clarified at the end of the video, but overall this was an enjoyable experience! 

This was REALLY good. I love the variety of locations and enemies I was presented with, and how well the game pushed me along in progressing through the story. Some really good jump scares that fit organically in the game, and it was perfectly paced. Not to mention, it was very surreal, which is always a huge plus in my book. Overall, this was just a damn good experience! Great work as always!!

You've successfully confused and disturbed me. Great game! 

Wow, this game started off seemingly normal and then RAMPED it up in the final segment. Pure adrenaline-based fear. I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to seeing a full version!! Awesome game!

I really love games with an old school, vhs look, and this game captures that essence perfectly! And that jump scare at the end really got me! Great work! 

What an unsettling experience... I really loved the style of this game along with the cryptic backstory. Can't say I've ever played anything like this, and I loved it! Great work! 

It was very surprising to see such a giant leap in quality compared to the first demo I played of this game (which was already very high quality on its own)! I'm really interested in the backstory here, may try out the full game! Great work!!

This was very cool! I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out the puzzles. Gave some thoughts at the end of the video. Great work! 

This was pretty fun! got jump scared a few times and had a few laughs. The layout of the house and the furniture inside was very confusing, but added to the overall experience. Great work!

This was amazing. Such a great style for a horror game, and it GENUINELY creeped me out. And that ending... what a mind melter! I loved playing this, great work!

This felt like a very artistically driven experience. I liked how poetic the main character's dialogue was. Very confused by the ending, but overall this was a great experience! Nice work! 

same here 🤣

My first time as imposter went better than I expected! 

This was pretty good! A little bit goofy at the end, but you captured the spooky atmosphere perfectly! I had fun with this, good work! 

Cool! I'll give it another try! I have to say, the amount that I've played so far is very good. Looking forward to trying it again!

This was great! Really creepy atmosphere in those woods. The ending was very unexpected. I enjoyed this! Great job!

This was VERY fun to play. It's the type of game that I could keep replaying just from the sheer exhilaration and laughs it gave me. I absolutely loved this, great work!!!

I tried to play through this, but got stuck at the part with the shadow man roaming around. There doesn't seem to be any viable way of getting around him and progressing through the game. Not sure if it's bugged or just nearly impossible to do, but there's no way to run and no way of hiding from him once I get past a certain part of the room, and the second he spots me he sprints full speed and catches me. I spent about 20 minutes trying all the approaches I could think of (following behind him, hiding in the area of the room with the two doors, crouch walking, trying to time my movements when he was far away, etc.) but got nowhere. I even tried going towards that staircase with the flickering light across from the metal storage shelves, and it wouldn't let me through. I really like the game so far, but it doesn't seem possible to go through the door he came in from and move on to the next segment.

This was a lot of fun! I really didn't expect to get as scared as I did, genuinely made me scream a few times. Great work! 

This is one of the goofiest games I've ever played, and I loved it. 10/10 would subdue LeBron with full cans of Fanta again. 

This is one of the best indie horror games I've ever played. Truly beautiful and frightening at the same time. I can't say it enough, I absolutely loved this. If you haven't already, PLAY THIS GAME! 

Took me years of seeing this on while scrolling through but I finally played it with some friends! So much fun! 

This was really cool! I loved that the whole game took place in that one confined space, and the events that happened were very well paced and super creepy. I had a great time playing this! 

This was really cool! A very creepy atmosphere throughout, and the entire time I was playing I had a nagging feeling that something was off. The arcade machine sequence added a layer of immersion, and realizing how it affected the world around me was very cool. Also, that jump scare REALLY got me. Great job!

Vidas Games does it again! Another fantastic horror game, but with a hilarious twist. This got some genuine hearty laughs out of me. I loved playing this and getting myself in the Christmas spirit. Awesome job!

I've never played a game that made me feel this uncomfortable andre captivated at the same time. This was really good, and I'm still trying to figure out what the meaning behind it all is. Absolutely fantastic game!

This was just great. The confusion that came from having no idea what to do added to the mystery behind this game. And figuring out bit by bit how to win felt very satisfying. Not to mention the really cool graphical style and sound design. I loved this!

This game genuinely terrified me. I really liked the adrenaline based fear this game put me in, that made the game very fun to play. This was really well made and the concept was super interesting. 10/10 would play again! 

This game did an excellent job of portraying a slow decline into madness. From the muted color scheme to the slightly disturbing music, this game slowly reeled me into a really creepy mindset. This was very well made!