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This was pretty cool! Had a really nice ambience to it. I gave some thoughts towards the end of the video. Overall, an enjoyable short horror experience! Great work! 

This was great! Fantastic visuals and atmosphere, a unique approach to escaping the backrooms, and the monster scared me half to death the first time I saw it. This NEEDS to be expanded on, this was so cool! Great work!

This was pretty cool! The concept isn't very commonly used in indie horror games, so it was refreshing to see! I enjoyed my time playing this! Great work! (Third game in the vid)

I loved this! Such a nice escape room style horror game! Good twist at the end too. Great job! (Second game in the vid)

This game had a couple of moments that took me by surprise! I do think it can benefit from some kind of ambient background music to add to the immersion, but otherwise, this was a nice little quick bite of horror! Good work! (First game in the vid)

This is insanely cool! The atmosphere and sound design perfectly tie the visual experience together. I'd LOVE to see a VR version of this someday, because even as it is, this game is incredibly immersive. Would be 10x as immersive in VR!I really enjoyed this, great work!

This is fantastic! I've seen "weeping angel" enemies in many other games, but only a few of them are on par with this. The enemy works so well in the context of the game, making solving the puzzles significantly more intense. I really enjoyed my time playing this, great work!

It's so nice to play another game that's specifically and only made for me and me alone :)

In all seriousness, this was a big step up from the other games, with multiple levels, chase sequences, perfect use of atmospheric music, and very fun gameplay. I'm a huge fan of this series, and I really enjoyed my time playing this! Great work as always!

I loved this! I appreciate that there's no nuance here, the game makes it very clear that it's parodying the mascot horror subgenre. It's done in a silly way, but the game also has some genuine anxiety inducing moments. Would love to see an expansion of this, maybe with more animatronics? Either way, I enjoyed this a lot! Great work!

I loved this! Could use with some ambient background noise/music, but otherwise, a fun experience! I gave some thoughts at the end of the video as well. I enjoyed this, great work!

This was great! The story was solid, voice acting was great, and it had a couple of creepy moments! I gave some other thoughts at the end of my video. Overall, a great short horror experience! Good work!

This was really cool! I'm a huge fan of point and click horror games, and to see one inspired by The Mandela Catalogue is such a joy. 


The only thing is, I wasn't sure what to do in the attic with the heart. When I would interact with the painting, the time would disappear, and the game would lock me out of all other interactions. Not sure if it's a bug or if I'm just missing something, I'm pretty sure it's the latter lol.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience! Great work! 

This was cool! The puzzles provide a nice challenge, and this game has a great atmosphere around it! I would've liked to see the person I was meeting though lol. But overall, an enjoyable experience! Great work!

I loved this. I'm a huge fan of these types of games that have the world around you become more and more strange as time goes on. And the bits of humor throughout were greatly appreciated. Great work!

This was good! Gave me PS1 vibes, and I like how the story unfolds. Really interesting ending too lol. Overall, a good short horror experience! Great work!

This was cool! Seemed to be more of an atmospheric game than anything else, but it still managed to spook me out a few times! Looking forward to seeing where this goes! Great work! (Third game in the video)

A nice quick bite of horror! I like the idea of things slowly becoming more and more disturbing as time goes on. I had a good time playing this, great work! (Second game in the video)

This game seriously scared me so good. Heart pounding and hands shaking by the end of it. Such a rush! Haven't had that happen in a long time lol. I really enjoyed my time playing this! Unfortunately I didn't have time to explore the little secret at the end, but I may fire this back up on my own time to figure it out! Overall, a great horror experience!

This was fantastic! Beautifully unsettling in a great way. The feeling of being watched was so prominent. Can't say I have a single bad thing to say about this, I loved the level design, atmosphere, and soundscapes! Fantastic work, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game evolves!

This was fantastic! I love games like this that start off as a seemingly normal experience,  and then turn into an absolute nightmare. The spookiness unfolds in such a great way. I can't recommend this enough! Great work!

I see! I thought that might have been the case, but wasn't sure. I still REALLY enjoyed the game overall, very unique and cool concept!

This was a very unique and tense game with an interesting gameplay loop and pretty fair physics. There was a little bit of wackiness in terms of how the stones balanced in hand, but nothing game breaking or inconvenient. I enjoyed my time playing this! Great work!

This was such a delight to play! I love the visual style and also how all the endings branch off of each other. Surreal, silly, slightly disturbing, and overall, a fun game to play! Great work!!

This was really fun to play! It has its little quirks and bits of bugs, but nothing that broke the game or ruined the experience! I enjoyed my time playing this, great work!

This was great! An actual fear of mine is being watched from outside my house, this built up that fear in a very "slow burn" kind of way, which arguably made the whole experience even scarier for me. I enjoyed my time playing this, great work!

Funnily enough, I ran through the game again to get some better angles for the thumbnail and I happened to notice that. I actually laughed out loud when I saw it LOL. Thanks again for putting me in here, I'm honored! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your email LOL

This was a really fun scavenger hunt in a very creepy place! Love the monster designs, and the overall atmosphere was done very well! I appreciate the nod to various YouTubers in here, and the little bits and pieces of humor as well! Overall, an enjoyable horror experience! Great work!

This was pretty good! The time slowing mechanic is done very well. I do think the second half of the demo could use a little bit of tweaking, but for what it is, this is an enjoyable experience! Good work!

This took me by surprise. Fantastic atmosphere and level design, and the SCP itself is horrifying. Love the animation of it walking towards the door. And the direction this game goes in completely subverted my expectations. I really enjoyed playing this, felt like a fresh take on the typical "find the key" style horror games. Fantastic work!

This was a really cool short horror game that has an interesting element of stories coming to life. Great monster designs, pacing, and overall story. Great work!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

This game was absolute nonsense and I loved it. I don't think I could find a better game to play this holiday season. Delightfully broken, disturbingly funny, and full of Christmas Cheer. Great work!

This was insanely fun to play! I loved the banter between the radio hosts, really good voice acting. A lot of existentialist humor in here, which I'm a big fan of! Overall, a very fun short horror experience!

This was really cool! I would love to see an extension of this, the code solving and how it pertains to the theme of the game were really well done! I enjoyed my time trying to do a deep dive into the secrets of this game. Great work!!

Small world! Sorry, I'm really bad at remembering names LOL. I loved your game! 

I've been trying to spot things as I'm editing the video for this game, but it seems this might be the extent (I'm probably very wrong about that). A very cool experience nonetheless!

I look forward to seeing your entry for the jam!

Adding to this, the portion at the bottom that says:

N O... T.......H U M A N
Y QKNrZl60K40 T
Those are links to 3 different YouTube videos which can be found here:
Not sure what significance they hold, but still interesting!
I have to thank you as well, I recorded a video of this and
used your findings here to help me progress a bit without
spoiling too much for myself. If you'd like me to credit you
in the video in any particular way, please let me know!
I'll be sure to at least include your username.

I absolutely love what you've done with this game. There's some really fun and intense gameplay here. I can tell that some deep lore is coming down the pipeline. Overall, a really exciting and fun horror experience! Great work!

I had a lot of fun playing this! It hits a lot of indie horror game tropes, but it's done in a way that felt natural. Got a few good jumps out of me as well. Overall, a very well put together atmospheric horror experience!

This was really cool! I loved the style of the game, almost looked like a painting came to life! Im not great with stealth based games, so this provided a challenge for me, but it was very reasonable and fair! Terrifying enemy, too. Overall, this was a fun and unique experience,  fantastic work!

This took me a bit longer than it probably should have,  but I still had a ton of fun playing this! The AI is wild and wacky, the house is way too dark, and it all comes together to make a pretty fun stealth-esque horror game! Great work!

A little bit of glitchiness, but nothing severe! Overall a neat little horror experience, and the "hot and cold" segment at the end was a really nice touch. Great work! (Last game in the video)