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This was great! While it felt like a simplified version of the first game, I still had a great time playing. I've said this before, but you truly have a knack for creating fun and interesting games with unique gameplay elements. Looking forward to your next one! Great work as usual!

This was such a fun experience! I tend to avoid jump scare heavy games, but I am always impressed with your ability to make each jump scare feel unique, and the way you build up the tension leading up to them. The game looks gorgeous, and the story, albeit a little silly, was very enjoyable! I had a great time playing this!

This was an enjoyable experience! Loved the simplistic nature of the game, and the jump scares were fun! They did become a bit predictable after a while, I would've liked to see some variety in some of the scares, but they were still effective! I could see the inspiration from Late Night Mop, and this game put a fun spin on the concept! Great work!

Can't give this game enough praise. Such a solid, terrifying experience. Perfectly captures the fear of a home invasion, I had trouble leaving rooms because I was so scared. Fantastic atmosphere, sound design, storytelling, and sense of realism. This is a great addition to an amazing series, and I can't wait to see the next one!

This was fantastic! Pleasant to look at, fun to play, and pretty damn scary at times. I enjoyed my time playing this, great work! Looking forward to more!

This game was delightfully absurd. Nonstop comedy and fear. Some parts were slightly rage inducing, but in a good way. I had a great time playing this one, thanks for your hard work!!

This is my favorite game of yours I've played yet! Such a tense, creepy, but also ominously calm atmosphere. Interesting gameplay loop that kept me on my toes, and while the game is jump-scare heavy, I felt those scares fit perfectly in the context of the game at large. This was fantastic! I highly recommend this game!

I am always pleasantly surprised when playing your games. You have a great way of creating unique and fun experiences, putting in engaging tasks, puzzles, or gameplay elements that aren't commonly, or ever, found in other indie horror games. Loved the concept behind this, and the oddly wholesome ending as well, among the other more comedic ones. Keep up the fantastic work! I have yet to play some of your longer games, but I'm excited to do so!

Just a heads up, there was a bug I encountered where the note in the Santa room gave me a specific combination of names, and upon inputting the correct code based on that combination at the necessary door, it would not let me enter. Kept saying it was wrong even though I triple checked. Might be important to note that it gave me two of the same names in the note at the Santa room, which is what I think caused the bug. I spent an hour trying to beat this and was pretty much going to until the bug prevented me from progressing. That was the final straw for me lol. Cool concept, cool style, but pretty rage inducing imo.

This was great! I loved the little bit of humor thrown in with the main character's observations. Nice buildup of mystery as well. Overall, a very enjoyable short horror experience!

What a fantastic game this is. Tense the whole way through, immersive audio and atmosphere, a mind-bending story with a mysterious ending, and a fantastic, old school style. I seriously love this, and all your work, and I can't wait to see what masterpiece you create next! Amazing job!

Such a cool concept. I'd love to see more done with this idea, maybe even mini horror stories pieced together through browsing MapFriend. Fantastic atmosphere, really fleshed out design, and just the right amount of mystery. I really enjoyed this, great work!

This took me by surprise! It has a lot of atmosphere packed in such a short game, and a genuinely scary chase scene. I loved the concept, and it was well executed! Great work!

I absolutely love this game. So much charm, humor, interactivity, and overall fun packed into this demo. I'm really looking forward to continuing this actual adventure. You've created an amazing game!!

This was such a fantastic short horror experience! Perfect pacing, well placed scares, and a good story! I had a great time playing this, awesome job!

Fantastic game! I was on edge the entire time I played, not knowing what to expect each time I turned a corner. Great atmosphere, as well as an old-school feel. I did run into one bug at the end where the run/walk animation for the main character stopped working, but it wasn't game breaking! Overall, a stellar demo!

This was great! Nice and spooky atmosphere, and very good enemy design. I gave some other thoughts at the end of the video. Overall, a great short horror experience!

Hello! I'd like to play this game, but it doesn't seem to run on my computer. When I try to start the game, it stays stuck on a black screen, and I have to use Task Manager to close it. I believe the problem has to do with the fact that I'm using Windows 11, and the game doesn't seem to be compatible with anything past Windows 8. Do you have any ideas for how to fix this?

This was so delightfully goofy, I had a great time playing this! I love finding horror games like this with a bit of humor thrown into the mix. Great work! I look forward to seeing more from you!

This was great! Fantastic writing and buildup. A nice little twist at the very end as well. I had a great time playing this!

This was so much fun! Great premise, a super spooky atmosphere, and the pacing was perfect. Love the fact that there are multiple endings. I really enjoyed my time playing this, and I hope to see more from you! Fantastic work!

Hi, wondering if someone might be able to help me. I downloaded and unzipped the game properly, but for some reason, the game will not run at all. Opening up the application just leaves me with a black screen, and the task manager says the program is not responding. It stays this way no matter how long I wait. Anyone have any ideas how I can fix this? The game looks really cool but it's currently impossible to play.

Another great game! Silly, engaging, and 4 satisfyingly goofy endings. What more can you ask for? Can't beat that 616 Games charm, either! Looking forward to your next game!

The atmosphere in this game is insanely good. Every little sound I heard had me widening my eyes. Beautiful graphics, fun scares, and a mysterious story. I really enjoyed my time with this, as is the case with all your other games! Fantastic work as usual!!

Another fantastic game! Truly unsettling when entering and collecting samples in the craters. You nailed the atmosphere there. Really drives home the fear of being alone in an unfamiliar place. I love how the game picks up in intensity about halfway through. Overall, a great sci-fi horror experience!

Awesome! I'm excited to play!!

Is this still available for download?

This was fantastic! Somehow blends fast-paced gameplay with a relaxed, slow-paced feel. Fantastic monster design, and engaging gameplay elements! I really enjoyed my time with this! Great work!

While it was a very short experience, the concept is well executed, and the game had some moments that genuinely scared me! Loved the overall style and sound design in this. Great work!

Such great execution on this concept. Loved the hidden goose, it was a nice moment of peace away from the actual horrors this game held! Sound design was fantastic. I can't recommend this game enough, it's great!

Surprisingly intense! While it's pretty much a light stealth game at its core, there's something about the knowledge that, at any given moment, I could be snatched up with barely any time to hide. This was fun!

This was great! The soundscape really set the mood, and the voice acting was really good! Nice and intense chase scene as well. Overall, a fantastic short horror experience! Great work!

This was great! Good pacing, interesting premise,  and a little bit of humor thrown in! Makes for a great short horror game! I really enjoyed this!

This was phenomenal. The atmosphere is perfect, the pacing is perfect, the concept and execution are perfect. I was on the edge of my seat the second the dolls started following me. I absolutely loved the experience, and the quality of your games is always top tier. Fantastic work!

The atmosphere in this game is INSANELY creepy. Not only that, but the style is gritty and captivating. Really interesting break-away from the typical "endless loop" type of game. I was confused, unnerved, and intrigued all at the same time. Great game!!

I really liked the style of this game. Like I was stuck in an uncomfortable dream, but also very calming. Great sound design as well! I really enjoyed this!

This was a really good demo! Great atmosphere, interesting premise, and I can see how the ball will play a significant role in future versions of this game. Overall, a good short horror experience! Great work!