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Posting this here kinda late, but this was a very fun experience! The style fits the gameplay very well, and there were some solid scary moments in here! Great work!

This game was so intense! I had a ton of fun playing it, everything felt so smooth and held together in a way I haven't seen in many games. A lot of replayability here as well. More than worth the price tag in my opinion. I loved this so much! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

I absolutely loved this demo! Fantastic art style, sound design, and character design. I felt immediately attached to Inky. Can't wait to see where the full game takes us, I hope to see even more gameplay elements and puzzles in the future! Great work!!

This was fun! Just the right amount of spooky, and also a bit silly and surreal at times. For a demo, there's a nice amount of replay value! Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here!

I loved this experience so much! Some little brain teasers in here, but overall, a genuinely gorgeous looking game. I especially liked that there were some actually tense moments amid the beautiful sights. Great combination of liminal spaces and Viewfinder!

This was such a fantastic game. I'm mad at myself for taking so long to play it. The only bug I found was that the main character poured the milk before the cereal LOL. In all seriousness, this was a great experience, scary and silly in all the right places, and a hard hitting story that kept me engaged and searching for answers. Great work!

This was one of the best PT-ish games I've played yet! The story was well thought out, effective scares that aren't in-your-face, and a lot of detail to the environment. I really enjoyed my time playing this one! Great work!!

This was great! The intruders were truly terrifying. I'd love to see more cameras added to the level, or even more levels in the game! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

This game is such a delight! Great buildup of the story that leads into some nightmarish events. I did feel that the ending was a bit quick, but this was still incredibly enjoyable. Such a charming cast of characters, except Bunjamin. I'm still mad at Bunjamin. Great work!

Fun, tense, and scary all in one! I'm usually pretty bad at games like these, but I felt this provided a really balanced gameplay experience. Loved the cutscenes, the dialogue felt natural and fit well, and the music was awesome. This is a great game, I highly recommend it!

This is insanely cool! I was skeptical about how an Observation Duty style game would work with real life footage, but it plays so smoothly, and everything works incredibly well! I'm hoping to see even more updates with new maps and anomalies! One thing to note, I did get some random crashes while playing, but I noticed that you've addressed it here and recently put out an update, so thank you for that! Keep up the great work!

If you purchased on the account you used to comment, hitting "buy now" should show you something on the top of the purchase page that gives you access to the new version!

Just finished playing the update a couple hours ago and it was so much fun. Feels so much better to play, and I love the additions included in the update! Encountered a couple bugs, and a game crash, but nothing that would put me off from playing! And what happens after beating Night 1 has me absolutely HYPED for the rest of the game! Keep up the fantastic work!!

I can't begin to express how continuously frightened this game made me. The sound, the voice acting, the darkness, the story, the monster design, it all came together in such a fantastic way to provide a truly immersive, genuinely scary experience. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment, this was next level horror!

I'm actually mad at myself for missing out on this game for so long. Definitely a less forgiving Observation Duty style game, but once I got a few rounds under my belt, things went incredibly smoothly. So satisfying to beat. Fantastic work with this one, I seriously enjoyed my time playing it!

Fantastic experience. The depth of the storytelling is amazing to take part in, and piecing together the mystery of what happened here was genuinely interesting to me. I'm actually glad I played You Are Liam first, because this game sheds a lot more light on the situation, and having the little bit of context from You Are Liam made the story in this game so much easier to connect. Fantastic pacing, storytelling, and replay factor. I hope I was able to cover everything this game has to offer! Great work as usual!

This is truly a game. You can play this. And if you did, you'd be playing a game. Not just a game, an experience.
In all seriousness, I'm not sure how you managed to make the sequel even more insane than the first game, but you absolutely succeeded. This was wild and wacky, and legitimately made me scream in pitches higher than I thought possible. Tons of fun! Mooshie 2024!

This was a fantastic experience! I loved the overall look of the game, that alone helped to illicit a very uncomfortable feeling (in a good-horror-game kind of way). I was impressed with how well the game handled all those individually moving moths as well. Loved the fact that there were 3 endings, too. And the most important part: GOOSE. Great work as always!

I've played over 1,000 indie horror games in the past 4 years. Only a fraction of them were able to get the reaction out of me that this game got. Seriously intense atmosphere, chilling sound and monster design, and the animation for the monster's movements were jarring and disturbing in the best way possible. If this is the first in a series of short horror experiences to come, then I am immeasurably excited to see what else you create. This was truly fantastic.

This took me by surprise! While it's a pretty simple game at its core, it does a great job of building up the horror slowly. And the stories on the notes are truly disturbing, very well written! I actually missed a few "story" boxes on my first playthrough, so I hopped back in to check out the rest, and saw a couple of things that I must have missed in my first run that added an extra layer of creepiness. Very nicely done!

While I felt the ending could have had a bit more buildup, I still very much enjoyed this game! Great atmosphere, sound design, and pacing. A nice, short horror experience to send a few chills up the spine! Great work!

This was genuinely fun to play. So many goofy moments, and some actually scary bits. I definitely recommend playing this if you want to laugh and scream simultaneously!

This was terrifying, and also managed to make me very angry lol. Definitely quite the challenge to beat this game, but it was worth it by the end. I do wish the ending had more to it, but I still enjoyed the experience! Great work!

I was almost speechless by the end of this. No idea what I played, but it was hilarious. Weird games like this are what I live for, keep it up!

This was great! While it felt like a simplified version of the first game, I still had a great time playing. I've said this before, but you truly have a knack for creating fun and interesting games with unique gameplay elements. Looking forward to your next one! Great work as usual!

This was such a fun experience! I tend to avoid jump scare heavy games, but I am always impressed with your ability to make each jump scare feel unique, and the way you build up the tension leading up to them. The game looks gorgeous, and the story, albeit a little silly, was very enjoyable! I had a great time playing this!

This was an enjoyable experience! Loved the simplistic nature of the game, and the jump scares were fun! They did become a bit predictable after a while, I would've liked to see some variety in some of the scares, but they were still effective! I could see the inspiration from Late Night Mop, and this game put a fun spin on the concept! Great work!

Can't give this game enough praise. Such a solid, terrifying experience. Perfectly captures the fear of a home invasion, I had trouble leaving rooms because I was so scared. Fantastic atmosphere, sound design, storytelling, and sense of realism. This is a great addition to an amazing series, and I can't wait to see the next one!

This was fantastic! Pleasant to look at, fun to play, and pretty damn scary at times. I enjoyed my time playing this, great work! Looking forward to more!

This game was delightfully absurd. Nonstop comedy and fear. Some parts were slightly rage inducing, but in a good way. I had a great time playing this one, thanks for your hard work!!

This is my favorite game of yours I've played yet! Such a tense, creepy, but also ominously calm atmosphere. Interesting gameplay loop that kept me on my toes, and while the game is jump-scare heavy, I felt those scares fit perfectly in the context of the game at large. This was fantastic! I highly recommend this game!

I am always pleasantly surprised when playing your games. You have a great way of creating unique and fun experiences, putting in engaging tasks, puzzles, or gameplay elements that aren't commonly, or ever, found in other indie horror games. Loved the concept behind this, and the oddly wholesome ending as well, among the other more comedic ones. Keep up the fantastic work! I have yet to play some of your longer games, but I'm excited to do so!

Just a heads up, there was a bug I encountered where the note in the Santa room gave me a specific combination of names, and upon inputting the correct code based on that combination at the necessary door, it would not let me enter. Kept saying it was wrong even though I triple checked. Might be important to note that it gave me two of the same names in the note at the Santa room, which is what I think caused the bug. I spent an hour trying to beat this and was pretty much going to until the bug prevented me from progressing. That was the final straw for me lol. Cool concept, cool style, but pretty rage inducing imo.

This was great! I loved the little bit of humor thrown in with the main character's observations. Nice buildup of mystery as well. Overall, a very enjoyable short horror experience!

What a fantastic game this is. Tense the whole way through, immersive audio and atmosphere, a mind-bending story with a mysterious ending, and a fantastic, old school style. I seriously love this, and all your work, and I can't wait to see what masterpiece you create next! Amazing job!

Such a cool concept. I'd love to see more done with this idea, maybe even mini horror stories pieced together through browsing MapFriend. Fantastic atmosphere, really fleshed out design, and just the right amount of mystery. I really enjoyed this, great work!

This took me by surprise! It has a lot of atmosphere packed in such a short game, and a genuinely scary chase scene. I loved the concept, and it was well executed! Great work!

I absolutely love this game. So much charm, humor, interactivity, and overall fun packed into this demo. I'm really looking forward to continuing this actual adventure. You've created an amazing game!!

This was such a fantastic short horror experience! Perfect pacing, well placed scares, and a good story! I had a great time playing this, awesome job!

Fantastic game! I was on edge the entire time I played, not knowing what to expect each time I turned a corner. Great atmosphere, as well as an old-school feel. I did run into one bug at the end where the run/walk animation for the main character stopped working, but it wasn't game breaking! Overall, a stellar demo!