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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

[Bug] Ayneris's rapier duplicates enemies

A topic by bonedog created 75 days ago Views: 247 Replies: 3
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1. Version 54

2. MacOs 10.11.6

3. This is a fun one. Use of Ayneris's Rapier made a copy of an enemy overlaid on top of itself (ie. Marauder 5 underneath Marauder 5). After that the game acted like there was simply one more enemy to fight.

4. Not sure! Though I found it by repeatedly hitting F to get through battle quickly. So maybe it was interrupted?

6. This may be related to a bug where enemies sometimes attack out of turn on the first move. Sometimes simultaneously! In fact, I found that if I hit autoattack before the attack animation is done, I can go through the whole battle 5x quicker because all the attack animations are happening at the same time.

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Until a recent fix, a large number of enemies would result in some being off screen. The fix to shift off screen enemies to the left introduced this overlap bug but it doesn't really hinder gameplay. I don't think it is due to the rapier.

The auto bug is old and separate (I assume). To manually prevent this, don't finish a battle by killing an enemy in auto/end turn. Kill the last enemy manually and the next battle should be fine. I tried to track this bug down but I suspect it involves the UI.

I think this is a different bug. The enemies didn’t overlap until I had killed 4/9, and then a double hit by Ayneris left two overlapping tiles that were _duplicates_ (not like, bandit 1 overlapping bandit 2, but bandit 5 overlapping bandit 5). And each copy had its own turn and its own health. 

As for the other bug, I’ll try that and pay closer attention, although I’m struggling to recall a battle where the sinultaneous action didn’t happen. Will try it tho

Try disabling combat animations.