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A topic by Alpine2048 created Dec 09, 2018 Views: 407 Replies: 1
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I'm having some trouble with playing the game and can't seem to find anything. When i start in the lobby, there is always one door that leads to this red room with a gate that requires a level 2 keycard. I have searched for hours and cant find it. Is it located on the shelves, or just placed on the ground? Do i have to find 914 to upgrade? As a noob, i think i need some help with the game.

Thanks in advance.

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MrYeti09 , E ae mano, viu me responda algumas duvidas da versão SCP v0.1.0942a.

Para que serve alguns itens que vc consegue no 914: As chaves, aquele item 0, mascara, agua e aquela etiqueta com um T?
Meu próximo video vai ser um detonado dessa versão