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[Art] [UNPAID/PAID] Digital Illustrator looking for projects

A topic by odd alien created 96 days ago Views: 100
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Hi! I'm an artist looking to expand their portfolio and willing to offer character/CG illustration/promotional art services, in exchange for full creative freedom with the artstyle based on what I think works best for your game. Rest assured I'll still take into consideration the kind of artstyle you want, preferably similar to what I can provide below, but I can be flexible if necessary. 

Valentine Comm (2023)

Valentine Comm (2024)

Kara (2022)

My specialty is drawing interesting sometimes fantasy based characters and my style ranges from semi-realism to more realism, therefore I may be biased towards survival/fantasy/RPG games and visual novel projects( SFW or NSFW). I'm also open to other genres like horror and dating sim. The examples seen above belong to a different artist and I was commissioned to draw those two pieces for them for Valentines. The rest of the samples are from a project I did back in 2022 for a dystopian world based story with very clear inspiration taken from the show Arcane.

If you're interested in my work, please DM me at discord or Twitter (lilidrawst) for questions. Looking forward to Collab with you! :)

Before sending a DM:

  • I will be accepting character illustration with certain complicated design elements such as armor or layered clothing with accessories. but not too complex like heavy armor or with extreme gore. If unsure, please don't hesitate to send a message.
  • Include in your first message a summary of what your game's about, genre, and the type of artstyle you're seeking with image samples. I won't be entertaining greetings without further info provided.
  • No strict deadlines since I have other work to prioritize.
  • Make sure you're able to give a concrete plan or better yet, an ongoing development of the game before sending message.
  • Projects with shorter timeframes are preferred since I cannot guarantee long term work unless the collaboration turns into a paid opportunity, however you can still shoot a dm if you think my artstyle fits. Until then I expect the game to be free upon release, discuss with me beforehand if you're planning to commercialize the game in the future.