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Linuxer: terminal based & educated game

A topic by Small Digits created Aug 12, 2016 Views: 115
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Hi guys,

I need to show you my new game called Linuxer (educational game). the aim of game is to teach persons how to use linux commands to control your linux-based operating system.


** Learn how to use linux commands: learning linux commands that used to move between directories, knowing current path, executing programs (linux commands like pwd, ls, cd, cat, exit, …)

** Give you basic introduction to networking: how to know your machine's IP address, what is a network and how to connect to a network.

** Learn how to protect your machine: establishing firewall for your machine, how to deal with 'iptables' command-based tool.

** Practice 'learn by doing' methodology when you finished each stage of game: user or player has to finished each task by using linux commands to open next stage, he/she has to learn little about commands that should be use by using documentation provided in game.

** Each task provided documentation of linux commands: useful documentation if you don't know how to use special linux command, or which command is specialized for finishing a single task.


Download links:

macOSX promocodes (it's not free on mac):