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another quick question regarding the rating system

A topic by MohmmadGaith created Dec 07, 2018 Views: 276 Replies: 2
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excuse me for doing this a lot these days but I just wanted to know is the rating system for the people's choice award ratio of stars to their number or just the sheer number of stars I mean it feels like its clearly the former since you only put games with less than 3 ratings in the "need rating" section but the ladder is making me nervous AF because my game only has like 8 ratings that I don't even know the ratio of 

P.s sorry if this is a question you can't answer it's just making me slightly nervous


Ratings will be weighted for People's Choice so that getting a lot of good votes is more valuable than perfect score with few votes, and perfect score with few votes is worth more than bad score with lots of votes.

Basically we're going to do something that will drag all ratings towards 2.5, but the more votes there are, the less it will move

Okay this makes more sense I guess

thanks for responding