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Custom Level Pack

A topic by Onyxius created Dec 06, 2018 Views: 332 Replies: 4
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First Off, THANK YOU for such a great sim.  I just ordered my first FPV goggles and drone (Below) and i have been practicing on and off on here for a few years since i first found it.   I just downloaded the custom level pack and extracted them all in the same data folder as the other maps so my SSD for games is on G: so my path is G:\FPVFreerider_Recharged - 2018-11-30\FPVFreerider_Recharged_Data\Freerider_MultiGP_UTT1 and inside of that folder is the .png and .txt file.  but when I load the game which i screenshotted for you here

i tried scrolling thinking maybe the maps are below but nope, so i'm not sure if i'm missing something




Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like the sim and have found good use for it!

You use the Level Editor to load the custom levels.

On the main menu - click the Level Editor icon.
In the Level Editor view, go to "Level" on the top right menu. Click "Load"
The custom levels should show up in the list.
Select the level that you want and click "Play"
Hope that helps!

ahh ok :) I was expecting them to show up on the main screen :D  

are you ever going to add multiplayer/network ability? :D 

Developer (1 edit)

I agree it may not be very intuitive, have added some info in the custom levels download instructions (and in the user manual) so that it will hopefully be more clear.

It's one of the things I would like to add most of all, however it comes with it's own set of challenges to do well and for now I have put multiplayer on hold.

Not very intuitive.

Thanks. I also had the same issue.