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Speedrun Contest Rules & Submissions Thread Sticky Locked

A topic by Eniko created Dec 04, 2018 Views: 2,074 Replies: 54
This topic was locked by Eniko Dec 25, 2018
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Lots of little mistakes to work on, hopefully can improve on it before the deadline.
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Hiya friends! You can thank Cassie there for getting me to do this~

Here's my Twitch run of this! 3:21.59! Looking to grind a bit more tonight, we'll see if I get a better time :3

EDIT:  Even better time! Got a 3:18.64!


I like your splits :D

Improved my time a little bit, 3:24.95. Think that's where it will stay for the moment. :)

Bichi naneun solo

One last time improvement before the contest ends!

*Fire Emblem music intensifies* (The ambient noises did get a bit boring after 100+ runs.)

Phew, I'm done with grinding this. With better shadowball timing at the end, I probably could have even gotten a 3:02.xx, but I'm too tired to keep trying now. My goal was sub-3:05 anyway, so this already is way better than I expected.

Here's my final submission! <3


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