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Paw Paw Paw (Demo)

We are the resistance. We are the Antipants. · By Simpleton

how multiplayer

A topic by hiyo created Nov 30, 2018 Views: 348 Replies: 5
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how do you do multiplayer 

Hi there!

Paw Paw Paw is local only for now. But I'd recommend using Parsec if you want to play online multiplayer. It's reliable and pretty easy to set up. You can basically turn any local multiplayer game into online multiplayer with that.

how do i play local

Hi, you need at least one controller and a keyboard to play locally. 

On the character selection screen, press A or the equivalent on your controller to join the game.


can it be done with a xbox one wireless controller because I tried it wirelessly and it didn't respond btw I am on mac