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Bokair: Tale of a Wanderer

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 photo Bokair Logo_zpsjpsx8zga.png

Hi guys, a buddy and I are working on a low poly, fantasy, strategy/RPG game called Bokair: Tale of a Wanderer. Its the first in 4 separate ideas we have planned. We're still new to game development, but using this as a learning process. I will post all of my updates here:

Basic Overview

The games fighting concept will be cut from the same cloth as Banner Saga, Duelyst, and Chaos: Reborn, using a hexagon based platform and handling a set of fighters against the foe, each with different strengths, weaknesses, fighting styles, and speed. Various levels for height advantage, obstacle (such as trees and rocks), tall grass to hide in. These are a few different items that will fill the map. With various different pawns, commanding unique spells, abilities and traits, some will be more equipped to handle different situations than others.

You begin the game with a hero, and set off on a journey to enlist others to join you. You build your squad of 5 others, through a selection of 16 unique pawns split between 4 fighting styles. You embark on quests, build your party, collect better equipment, fighting a corrupt ruler and his hoards of soldiers. The game will be multiplayer, where you will meet others along the way. You will be able to put together a guild, and take cities as your own, all the while trying to usurp the throne.

Characters will be found around the world. Whether it be in the forest, being attacked by bandits, in the pub, or on a stroll around the town. These characters will be everywhere, varying in strength, attitude, and fighting style. Convincing them to join your band will depend on your fame (obtained by questing, leveling up, killing strong creatures, and taking cities) and how much they like you. The higher fame, the stronger pawns you will be able to convince. If you save them from bandits for example, it will raise the chances they join you. We would like to add concepts of trading pawns in the mix. The plan so far is to have two separate concepts: trading, and lending. When it comes to trading, the pawns involved will permanently become the other players pawn. This will require that player to poses a certain level of fame to be deemed worthy of the pawn joining. Players may also lend their pawns to help another player out. However, the player who lent the pawn will always still own the pawn, and so long as both players are out of battle, can recall the pawn at any point. A player can only lend out 1 pawn at a time. The basic idea here is that the pawn is not following the orders of the one who commands him, but his own players command to follow that players commands.

We are strong supporters of permadeath concepts, and plan to implement them in our game. The hero is vital to the game, and so, if a hero dies in battle, the battle ends. After a hero's death, the second strongest character will pick up his mantle and become the new hero.

Screenshots & Documentation

Our first go at a battlemap:

The plan is to have various battlemaps for each section of the world, creating unique environments wherever you find yourself. The endgoal is to have the area the battle takes place in as a backdrop behind the battlemap to bring a bit of imersion.

 photo Screenshot 2_zpsvzxbhdug.png

From each of the different pawns, and all of their capabilities and compatibilities , to their stats, and fighting style groups, this guide has it all. The stats and numbers are not balanced and are for the most part placeholders.

 photo Bokair Pawn Guide-01_zpsbfoxwbmm.png

Here's the full world map. The tale of how the land came to be is one of gods. There are 10 gods that are descendants of the goddess of life and nature, Lycia. Drovana the dragon, Wolren the wolf, Behnovar the bear, Easalia the eagle, Deaton the deer, Folkair the fox, Owsetta the owl, Boifiel the Boar, Creta the crow, and Ranecco the rabbit. The mammal gods are all descendants of Garon, the god of earth, and the flying oriented are descendants of Sogard, god of the sky. Unlike their parents, they fight for physical prowess a by different means, using humans as their instruments. Each used their power and might and instilled it into the land, giving it their specific shape. Each being developed into a territory. The humans that inhabit these territories have been locked in an age long war for supremacy. This particular game will be taking place in the territory of Wora, a fair weathered territory in the middle of the land. Much of the culture in this territory is created from English roots.

 photo Map Territories-01_zpsdldybawa.png