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Animation - Position Erro

A topic by spritewrench created Nov 28, 2018 Views: 61 Replies: 3
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Hi Again!

Having an issue with tweening between positions.
The example in the documentation doesn't seem to work.  


What kind of tweening do you mean, using the MOVE transition for characters or tweening inside a call action?

If the example you're referring to is the MOVE transition:

  - show deuzi: WITH CUT AT OUTRIGHT  
  - show deuzi: WITH MOVE AT CENTER

It's working fine integrated with the quickstart, something that could be happening is that for some reason it doesn't find the named positions, these are present in the Defaults.js file, under the positions key:

Check if you have the correct positions and let me know


It wasn't finding the named positions.  Dug around and got it addressed. Thanks!


You're welcome. You can change the values of these positions, and also add some other interesting positions for your game and use the keywords in your script as you like, too.