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Japanese nobasu are rendered incorrectly

A topic by TzakShrike created Jan 16, 2024 Views: 108 Replies: 2
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All of the nobasu (ー) are rendered with the wrong orientation in vertical text and it looks ridiculous.

Just testing now, I used OpenOffice and turned on not only "vertically stacked" but also "asian layout mode".
I assume you need to find an equivalent in whatever program you're using.


Thanks for the comment! I am aware of this. 

Accuracy in proper Japanese was not the main concern of this product as it plays with influences from various cultures, religions and philosophical backgrounds and how they would play out in a world that is disconnected from our current reality. Think of it as if someone that doesn't know proper Japanese (katakana) is trying to write it.

Also, thanks for the advice on how to fix this in layout options if I were to insist on proper Japanese.


Oh, if it's intentional that's okay I guess, it just feels really jarring as an actual Japanese speaker.
In general, using overbars/macrons in romaji is a choice, but writing those things sideways is just wrong, it's a typical mistake that people new to the language make, especially when using computers.
But yeah, this case can be exceptional.