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CROSSROADS is a very intimate and evocative game!

There is so much to say about what makes CROSSROADS a great game (Safety Tools baked into the game, Player Agency, cathartic experience), that this is not enough space for it.

That's why I wrote an entire thread about it!

5 stars well deserved!  ★★★★★

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Thanks for your kind words for Clean-Up Crew and thanks for your shout-out to Mariann: Soul Detective!

I just realized that I haven't showered Light with the proper amount of stars it deserves. My mistake, I corrected that!

5 Stars, well deserved! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is such a unique game experience! I'm in awe looking at the work and love that already went into this project - and as of now, this is still evolving! Beautiful!

Read more of my praise in this review!

PIONEERS is an awesome game and I can only advice you to get it.

You can read more about it in this review!

Thank you for this beautiful review and your kind words!

Thanks for your amazing review and your support!

Thanks for the kind words and your amazing review on Twitter!

Hey! I have two games that are about Magical Girls, but I created them about 1 year ago. Is it still ok to submit them? The games in question are Mariann: Soul Detective and Hiroin.

This is such a great idea for a game and easy 5 Stars!

I rave about it over here a bit more!

This is an awesome and very educational game. Anyone that doesn't understand why capitalism is bad should get this game just to read it and learn.

I could say so much more about this and I did over here!

Easy 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Blazing Hymn is an amazing game and a true love letter to the source material. I enjoyed reading every single word of it and I can't wait to play it.

You can read me spilling my excitement in this little review.

5 Stars - and I would give 5 more if I could!

This game is a Beast in itself! I'm gladly throwing 5 stars at this!

I also wrote a review here!

Locus is an awesome game and I even wrote a thread on it! Check it out here!

This game is an easy 5 Stars!

Thanks so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoy a fun time reading and discovering the characters in the book in a new way!

I know Monkey Island - which apparently already is quite a feat. I even played it multiple times! I must be a gamer!

This is a wonderful worldbuilding game that takes advantage of the Element Dice System in such an innovativen way. Definitely a buy!

Playing this game is such a cool experience! It deals with difficult topics in a unique way and the players get to go all out Punk!

5 Stars!

Thanks for your kind words!

This is such a lovely game! I love that it reminds us not just in the Safety section to be mindful, but also in the way it set up and in the daily prompts.

5 Stars!

ECHO is one of these games that comes up frequently - and rightfully so!

You should get it, too!

5 Stars!

Rated this with 5 stars a while ago, but I'm coming back to tell everyone they should definitely get this game!

This is such a lovely game that gives us food for thought about our impact on the environment around us.

5 stars!

It's not a coincidence that The Adventurer is always pretty high among the physical games!

5 Stars!

Just a lovely game! You should get it!

5 Stars!

Not here for the points, just letting everyone know that you should get this game and become a Heroic Archivist yourself!

And if you really need an incentive beyond being an integral part of the community, there's also Pizza!

5 Stars!

Beautiful and impactful! Solo games are so much fun!

5 Stars!

Great from idea to delivery! And there's always more coming!

5 Stars!

Tiny Wizards are cute, and this is such a cute game! Cute is good!

5 Stars!

A fantastic game!

5 Stars!

A wonderfully creative idea and this should be the only clue you need to check out all the other games by Arthur!

Coming back to tell you, this is worth picking up!

5 Stars!

Gave this 5 Stars and wanted to make sure that the algorithm picks up on it!

Heroic Chord is a wonderful game with a fresh new take on Magic. I love that magic always uses two elements - one chosen by the player and one presented by the GM.

Playtested it a month ago and it feel so well polished that I can't believe that this was 'just' a playtest.

5 Stars!

Riverhouse Games has created magic with this cozy game, a magic we need in these dire times more than ever.

In this collection of Self-Care Exercises, we are reminded of the little things we take for granted in our daily lives.

The Six Spells focus our mind on the mundane and help us realize the magic in the little things.

5 Stars well deserved - alongside a Thank You for making this game!

Lovely and emotional game, well worth the 5 stars!

This is an amazing SRD and it allows to boost your creativity to make something your own!

5 Stars!

5 Stars for the sign language integration alone! Just wonderful!

5 stars well deserved! You should get it and help Dani with their work on it!

Came back to say, that you should get this game!

the easiest 5 stars I ever dropped on a game!