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A Wild Sprite

A topic by LazygamezIta created Nov 27, 2018 Views: 51
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A Wild Sprite is an adventure/platformer, this is just a first level what I would like to develop would be an open world platformer that let you interact with weird entities and events to unveil the secrets of it's world. But it is a long and hard way(with many technical difficulties that I cannot yet overcome) so this is a more straightfoward level left to right.The inspiration come from Super Mario and Dark Souls, one for it's moment to moment happy gameplay and the other for it's interconnetted worldbuilding.

You take the role of a glimpse of energy that took control of his new squared body, on the footprints of who it is and what is the world around.

This is a prototype so I would love some tips :D

-Controller is extremely reccomended(but can play with keys too)

-Checkpoint mechanics = gather 100 energy to recall the Gates on your position(dosent work mid air or in some specific point)

-Run & Stomp = you run can run to incredible speed if you find the way, and while on mid air by pressing the jump button and the run button you can crush the ground

-Book of Storms

-Dress yourself in the Cave Wardrobe 

-Speedrun it if you can :) (I have yet to put a clock in it) 

Here Some Trailer andLink