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Lew Pulsipher's Doomstar

The hidden unit board game of strategy and cunning · By LargeVisibleMachine, codebyfire

Feedback 1.0

A topic by roguelikeninja created Aug 05, 2016 Views: 325 Replies: 1
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I've played a bit of the campaign till I reached the alien guy and I must say the game seems to have a lot of potential.

I would like to give a little feedback regarding the game controls and the game A.I.

I found the control instructions a little bit lacking and because of that I had some trouble understanding the black hole mechanics. Why not use the left mouse button to select a ship, then highlight every route possible when clicking around black holes and use the right mouse button to confirm movement. The double clicking seemed a bit stiff to me and I made some mistakes clicking on areas I didn't want to go to.

Deploying the ships on the battlefield could also be more fluid. When trying to put a ship on a square previously occupied you have to drag the ship that was already there and then deploy the new selected ship. The dragging could remain but I would also add the possibility to simply swap two ships, returning the previous deployed ship to the "starting area".

Another thing I don't quite understand is why can't I select the fighters squad I wish to retreat after a combo attack. Unless I was distracted it doesn't seem to let me choose the unit to retreat. It would be more interesting letting players choose what squad they want to withdraw using the tab key or/and having two icons at the bottom of the screen representing the two squads (using the ship models or using "L" for L.Fighters and "H" for H.Fighters).

In several games the enemy had 2 or 3 squads of heavy fighters occupy one of my mine fields, killing themselves, after it had been previously revealed by a light fighter unit. I actually think I've won some of those games because of that...

Also, the A.I doesn't seem too keen on running away with the command ship when threatened by an adjacent enemy unit. In some occasions it would move other units in the attempt to find my command ship instead of avoiding the last blow.

It seems that there is no story for the other characters, except for the admiral, so I wonder if it's not completed yet or is it a bug?

You say on your main page that the fleets are customisable but I can't find that option. Is this feature available at this point?

I enjoyed the little that I played but honestly, the game is not very challenging against the A.I and it got repetitive after replaying some levels. The presentation is a little bare bones and the music is good but gets old quick. All in all, the game is a bit pricey for the content it offers at this point.



Thanks a lot for this, very useful. We should address most of these in future updates but some quick comments for now:

  • The AI is at a level where it can now evaluate moves and the different personalities can then act on these evaluations differently. We've barely started tweaking the scoring algorithms or how different AIs will act on the scores however so at the moment it is still very much random. Since the game is quite complex with hidden information and elements of bluffing making the AI competitive will always be the biggest challenge we god but it will definitely end up much stronger than what is currently there.
  • Story is coming for the other characters as well, this along with the AI improvements are the main areas we're working on before release.
  • The release version will have all new music tracks for each of the AIs plus an extra track for main screen and menus. All the work of super talented Simon Heath from Cryo Chamber (
  • Customisable fleets will be an option when playing online games, initially you'll be able to select from a set of pre-configured setups but we'll be adding a fully customisable option as well.

We'll go over the controls and see what can be imnproved there too. You should be able to select what ship to retreat after a combo attack already though, unless there is only one valid option in which case it is automatic. If you come across any situations where the computer is choosing for you when it shouldn't please take a screenshot and post here or email it so we can have a look!