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[Full team] [RPG Maker MV] Help wanted ASAP!

A topic by Rossb2909 created Aug 03, 2016 Views: 304
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Hey guys, I'm starting a new game in RPG Maker MV and I need a team to work with, If your interested please read below to see if your able to do this, I need:
  • Music composer (At least 1 year of work)
  • Artist (At least 1 year of work)
  • Someone who will do the database and each tab (For example the items tab and the skills tab etc)
  • Someone willing to go and look for as many plugins as they want as long as it refers to the game.
  • Music Editor
  • A writer that will help me with the script (Good at English for the games sake)

if your interested or fit into one of these categories then please email me at for extra info and if you do email me please send me an example of your work. Thanks, The game I want to make is a survival game which takes place on an Island. I'm writing down on evernote what I want in the Alpha release and what I think sounds like it should be included. If you would like to see this (For only people that want to take part) then just say so in your email. Thanks ~R