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Silent Bill (Jam Version)

The worst looking point and click horror game you'll ever see · By Edward Atkin

Hatred of ducks?

A topic by Megan P. created Dec 23, 2023 Views: 38 Replies: 2
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No idea if the creator reads these, buuuut I have to know, Why the hatred of ducks? LOL

I loved both games I played, but was super curious lol


It's a mildly long story. The first game I made for a game jam called "I can't draw but I want to make a game". The jam creator Charlmes had kind of thing for ducks, he drew lots of ducks and they were on the jam page, and there was also a bonus category for including a duck in your game, so it was kind of customary. I had decided to make an escape room cause it would suit a badly drawn game well and I was thinking about joke phobia anatidaephobia, fear that somewhere a duck is watching you. So I decided it would be funny to make an escape room but the antagonists were ducks. I have no particular hatred for ducks, ducks are alright in my mind.

That is amazing lol Hopefully he got a kick out of it!