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Way to collect resources, like Katryx Ore, more easily.

A topic by roboq6 created Nov 18, 2018 Views: 225 Replies: 1
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For example, you're standing in area where you just harvested Katryx Ore. There is a way to make the resource reappear (with all defeated enemies, but it's side-effect) quickly. For this, open your skilltree and then go back (you don't need to change anything, just open skilltree and then leave it). Then go to harvest the resource. Repeat until you have enough of said resource.

Among other things, this trick works with Orangium and Wild Dispel Herb (near Ebron.)



1.The most cost efficient thing for post-battle HP recovery is "Potion" (smallest amount of gold for 1% of HP)

2.The most cost efficient thing for post-battle MP recovery is "Beer" (smallest amount of gold for 1% of HP)

3.If you plan to resell things that you bough with your insignias in the Spire of courage, then "Steel armor recipe" is the best investment (best (gold from reselling)/insignia ratio).

4.If you have finished all personal quests with Chiyo, then you will be able to craft items in her room for free.
5.You can remove all negative stats, restore HP, restore MP and revive your fallen comrades FOR FREE by sleeping in the royal bedroom.