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Command line parameters?

A topic by spotUP created Aug 02, 2016 Views: 983 Replies: 15
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We are about to make a module for rocketlauncher for 3DNES, can games be launched via command line?

Launching via command will be added in v1.1

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Cool! Thanks! If we can get access to a beta we could be ready when it gets released.

Let me know if you are interested. My is my email addy

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Could you add a --fullscreen switch as well?

Ctrl + F to Fullscreen Switch

Tell me what you need as command line and its behavior?

Rom name as parameter to launch 3DNes and load the rom.

What will happen if 3DNes is already launched?

If 3dnes is already launched it could quit it instead?

ctrl+f i know about that one, but we need command line options too.

--fullscreen and --windowed perhaps?

Any news on this?

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Not yet. I'n stuck at something else right now. I will try to integrate it in 1.1 anyway.

Great, thanks!

It's out finally V1.1 with parameters support.

Sweet! Thank you!

FYI Version 1.1 is now available for the mass.

CLI does not seem to be working to load a rom. According to manual, this should work:

3dnes -r=SMB.nes

I get the emu launched, but no rom loaded.

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It has to be:

3dnes --r=SMB.nes

with two -

Recheck the Manual please

You are right. I could have sworn I tried that. Works now, thanks.

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So what Command Line is used in LaunchBox? To just do --r=SMB.nes only leads to one ROM and not to any others clicked on.