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EPIC — the minimalistic 3D RPG/Adventure parodying classic game clichés.

A topic by Petrzel created Aug 02, 2016 Views: 266
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EPIC is a minimalistic Adventure/RPG parodying classical game/hero/RPG clichés (like Duck of Doom). The main character of the game is a Swiss journalist Kevin who is trying to escape from some weird alternative reality.

In year 2023 Russia declared war on China. The war lasted 12 years bringing both countries economically totally exhausted and so in 2035 the peace was negotiated. China decided to raise funds for relaunching economy through the dreaded... Requiring to pay the debts after the rest of the world. Inablity to pay caused collapse of Central Europe and in the year 2042 also USA almost bancroted. Islamic countries refused to provide USA any acces to oil whose value could put USA back on lead. And so USA along with other states starded an emergency program. Since mining most of the materials was not profitable at the time, a special program in CERN was launched . Named ARM - Alternative Reality Mining. The purpose of this program was to allow timetravel, because travelling in time creates alternative realities, realities full of oil, uranium and natural gas, realities that it is possible to mine. The concept was not completed, but it was necessary to act quickly and so in 2048 CERN introduced a prototype of a time machine Gala performance and demonstation was also present Kevin. But the whole thing, rather unfortnatelly, went wrong…

Kevin wasn´t born as hero, but he always wanted to be one! If he knew that he will be forced to be hero one day, he would be so happy. Until that day...

And this is exactly what happened. He became a penguin.

Some numbers

  • 8+ hours of fun*
  • 40+ quests (some of them can be really frustrating)
  • 100+ items (including Jesus Sandals, Bow of Bowing, Apple of Justice, Alphabet of Doom, ...)
  • 8 types of enemies with unique combat skills (becoming even more dangerous with increasing game time)
  • 10 abilities (half magical, half physical)
  • 1 large island
  • 3+ little islands (depends on where you put border between "Island" and "Random rock in the middle of nowhere")
  • 1 interactive tutorial
  • X bugs (where X>0)**

*Granted only if you are a helicopter.

**Absolutely granted!

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