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GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab repository and garbage generation

A topic by ASH KATCHAP created Nov 16, 2018 Views: 126 Replies: 3
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Hello. Thanks for this asset, it's making my life a easier.

After using it for a while a noticed that it is generating about 8.3KB of garbage, some of which can be easily fixed by caching some arrays. Is there a repository with your asset so we (other devs) can contribute to it?

Thank you!

Found a bug on GetSlotPress in SInput.cs, while checking for different gamepads, gamepad7 is tested two times instead of testing 7 and 8, plus not all gamepads are tested

Developer (1 edit)

I've not made a repository before and tbh I'm a little hesitant about it all, but I've tried to set one up here anyway:

It currently has some changes/additions that are going to be in the Sinput_F version, mostly XR stuff.

Plz let me know if I'm doing something super wrong or whatever, and if you figure out what is generating the junk I'd appreciate it. I have done a few passes to minimise that but it's been a while and there's always gonna be stuff I don't know about optimisation ^_^;

edit: oh and I just pushed a change to fix the getslotpress bug, thx!

Thank you!