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The Japan Collection: JRPG Characters Pack

20 animated character sprites (32x32 in size) including a character template for use in your project! · By GuttyKreum

How to import this to RPG Maker?

A topic by nin_tamurami created Dec 12, 2023 Views: 114 Replies: 3
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I saw you have a tile file for RPGMaker but it has a green background



I’m away from my computer for a week or so, but from what I remember I think you can select the transparency color in RPG maker when importing the sprite sheet. So you would select the green background as the transparent color.

Apologies that I can’t be more helpful at the moment.

Hi, I don't have that option in RPG Maker MZ unfortunately.


For RPG Maker as an engine, this asset pack is compatible with VX Ave. Are you using a plugin to get this to function correctly with MZ? I've uploaded a new version of the pack that contains tilemaps with transparent backgrounds in the 'RPGMakerVXAce' folder.