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Northbury Grove

Welcome to Northbury Grove...we hope you survive your stay! · By Scythe Dev Team

My Thoughts

A topic by Chrisay created Nov 10, 2018 Views: 78 Replies: 2
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Really enjoyed the game. It has the same vibe as the games that Puppet Combo has, and a lot of my praise of their games apply to this one as well.

You really nail the atmosphere. There's inherently nothing wrong with the place, but it's so quiet that the footsteps you hear around you really throws you on edge. The VHS effect also adds another layer of tension, by making things in the distance seem to move a bit.

The area you designed is big enough to be difficult to navigate, but not frustrating, the enviroment was detailed enough and there was enough landmarks for me to make my way through the camping lot.

But of course the inclosed claustrophobic areas are the truly terrorfying parts of the game, these are what developers like Puppet Combo also exceed at. My first time entering the "Warehouse" was by far the most nerve wracking part of the game. By presenting the player with a bunch of ways to go in the beginning, you start to get tense as you start to feel lost.

But you reach the second floor and the enemy spawns is when the tension starts to wear off. It's so obvious that the enemy has spawned and you know where it spawns from. Once you realise that he won't spawn untill you go upstairs, it isn't that scary anymore. That means that once you die to him, you know exactly what to expect.

My suggestion would be to make him spawn at different times in a less obvious way and allow him to spawn in different locations such as downstairs as well, thereby you make him more unpredictable and therefore more scary.

He also patrolled through the same hallway multiple times and it would help for him to patrol the entire building, but make him move faster in his patrol mode.

I do like that you randomize item locations if you die.

I enjoyed the last sprint to the car and I beat it without even realising that you could meet him there.

It's really short and would love to see a longer version of this. Good first game ;)


Hey Chrisay, thank you so much for taking the time to write this out. We have heavily noted what you've brought to our attention and think you will be extremely pleased with the newer AI the slasher boasts in our upcoming DLC 'Kings Comfort'.

In the new title, The Slasher has honed his ability to creep you out with unpredictability. He only approaches you when you're not looking in his direction and learns to stalk the player based on their moving habits. He's possible to temporarily escape, but not hide from. He always finds you eventually and will appear when you least expect him.


Good to hear. Good luck!