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I Just Finished And Now I'm Sad

A topic by kitkat5776 created 35 days ago Views: 287 Replies: 5
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Ok so like, I'm redownloading the game right now, (to get the good ending) and honestly it wasn't as scary as much as it was sad. I am freaking sad now bcl I came to the realization that the girls in the game I grew to love will never exist. oof

(also I'm 13 so you can see how this would be sadder for me than compared to an adult)

Seriously same, I was pretty sure I was the only one who was sad that this game ended the way it did. It was a sad reminder of the real world and how no one is a simple type of person, and how we all have our own stories, some which are sadder than others (Natsuki or Sayouri) - like seriously oooof.

(Also yeah I'm 14 so this might just be teenage angst  _/ '-'\_)

Me too.

"Doki Doki Depression Club"


legit tho

Same, I barely wanted to leave the house for almost a month after my first playthrough.


lol essentially a reminder that I'm lonely trash lol, especially the good ending 😫😫