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Unable to claim?

A topic by DaedalusMachina created Nov 09, 2018 Views: 68 Replies: 2
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Please set a price for the game (like $1 USD) and then put on sale for 100% off so that we can claim the game and get auto-updates through the desktop application.  You can have the game 'on sale' for several months (or longer) so it should be good :)

There are just so many games that if we don't have games in our library then they get lost/forgotten in the hectic holiday flood of games.


Hello! We're very happy you enjoyed Uncivilized and would like to follow it! Unfortunately, we're a student organization and, under our college's regulations, we can't receive any money for our games. Setting a price for the game, even with the 100% discount, would enable people to give us donations for it and it seems we can't disable that. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

Donate 100% of the donations to charity.  Problem solved :P

I get that your college has some regulations but I'm sure if you get in touch with the itchio staff they can assist you further with the logistics of how to set things up.