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An interactive art piece built in Unreal Engine 4 · By JAC3D

Thoughts and Gameplay

A topic by Edquarters created Jul 27, 2016 Views: 278 Replies: 2
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Lovely little puzzler that has metaphor at its core, but doesn't require too deep a reading to enjoy. Perfect length at 10-15 minutes, and- as a little added extra- it's really pretty! Getting strong hints of the Witness's style in the meadow/ forest area.

All in all, great job James and I look forward to your future projects!


Hi Edquarters,

Thanks for your interest in the game, and for making a video of your playthrough. It's always fascinating and very enjoyable to see the game from a new point of view, as everyone takes something slightly different away from the experience. I especially liked the fact that you didn't take any of it too seriously! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Hi James,

I find it's always best to approach metaphor with a light touch, and you've really nailed that. Thanks for the game!