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Pixel art tutorial package

Download all of Pedro's pixel art tutorials at once! We'll update the file as more tutorials come out · By MiniBoss

Pixel Art Tutorials 17 zip file is corrupted.

A topic by Archeia created Nov 07, 2018 Views: 970 Replies: 7
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I use Windows 10 and have been failing to download the update.

It worked for me, just downloaded it. Maybe try redownloading, and using 7zip (free, here) to unzip it?

Just downloaded it too and used another tool. Even the client can't install it saying it's corrupted.

The archive is fine... but the files TopDownWalkCycle.gif, Isometric.gif, TopDownAttack.gif, TopDownTricks.gif, UI-9-Slice.gif, and LightMagic.gif are corrupt which is probably causing your WinRAR error.  Until they reupload the archive you should at least be able to extract the other files. I just bought this myself and I was able to :)


Thanks everyone! We'll post the new package file soon. Please let us know if this new one have corrupted archives.

I tryed to download the zip file on my android  smartphone and guess what,it worked fine regarding the files that you can't acces on pc.So here is a "quickfix". Cheers!

They just updated to 18 so it's OK now

😋 okay lol maybe thats why it worked