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How popular are character bases on

A topic by Pop Shop Packs created 13 days ago Views: 77 Replies: 4
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So, character bases are basically just line art of a character that anyone can take into an image editing software and edit to their liking. I know that (especially with the furry fandom) some people find character bases really helpful for a number of different reasons. 

But, I've only seen a handful of bases available on Is this because they're not very popular on this platform?

I may be able to help. Did you need something specific? Based on your profile and the fact that you mentioned furries, did you need a bunny? Also, I can help for free, and may be able to change things you don't like, so, yeah. I mostly do anime/cartoony art, such as this: 

Ah, wait. You do pixel art. Sorry.

Thanks for the offer, but this post was meant more to gauge if I should start selling my own bases on Cool art btw