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HTML 5 Simulation - Role - Crafting Game

A topic by GreatGreenGoat created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 110 Replies: 4
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Hi I'm a One man company. I do the code and the illustrations, but the most difficult thing of all is that English is not my native language. So, I have to translate the UI while developing. I hope you enjoy the final result.

Day 6. 

I'm very tired but the engine its finaly working. I'm really want to use the potions machine to speed up my working. Only 8 days to make the assets and  definitions. I can do it. I MUST do it. Those little bytes count on me to see the light... 

Ok. I already have 74 inventory items. 15 items left and the NPCs :D

With the list of assets completed, I made a wiki to validate the cross references. Almost there.

It's alive!!!!!

The game its ready. Or almost everything  🙄

Was a nice experience try to finish the game on 14 days. Many things were left out, but, the final result its ok. So, thats the report:

Game report.

Distribution time:  2 days layout design, 4 days framework engine, 6 days draw assets, 1 day set assets definitions, 1 day bug fixing and adjustment.

Assets:  95 items, 9 mercenarys, 9 destinations,  14 NPCs, 13 machines,  7 sellers, 13 contracts (missions)

Left for next release

Sounds, animations, regular and special items, more fuel boosters.

I hope you enjoy the game as i enjoyed developing.