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First impressions

A topic by JeFawk created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 234 Replies: 1
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Got the demo today and it proved to me the software is very good for its price, so I bought it. Thanks for the bargain! I first found it on opengameart so that was a great idea for advertising.

I did notice it's called Godot Editor Engine in the task manager so you might wanna modify something to have that changed : P

For any future development an ability to lock layers would be very useful so whenever we make an animation with a lot of emitters clicking them to move them around would be much easier. Also an About menu with a possible contact way would be great. Like uhm join our discord here, or email here. You could end up getting business emails that might interest you (and a decent amount of spam too for that matter).

Looking forward to updates ^^

- JeFawk


Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying it :)

The lock feature sounds useful, I should be able to squeeze that in along side the min/max fix later today