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pending updates and fixes

A topic by Joqlepecheur created Jul 26, 2016 Views: 164
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Developer (14 edits)

Those lists will evolve, this topic is here to keep track of what is happening with the game and log the changes. If you notice a bug, don't hesitate to notify me.


  • auto-recharge cooldowns when passing through a savepoint without saving? Would do it if speedrunners ask for it
  • remove space to access savepoints? Won't do it unless there's a real demand for it.
  • increase damage feedback (flashing sprite? more electricity?)

Won't be updated

  • music: beyond my ability for now and the tools at my disposal, quality will probably improve in future games
  • faster cooldown on speed ability: people wanting to finish the game faster can increase their time by clever use of savepoints. Low cooldown would negate this aspect.I might consider tweaking them a little more.
  • map: there are only 6 levels, with 3 to 6 rooms. A map would be overkill, and update lessen the interest of having a map for 100% completion
  • robot art: it is a bit cheap compared to the rest but changing it has too much of an impact, not just visually.

Already updated

Version 1.0.3

  • optimisation to airship interior performances
  • up arrow added to initiate dialog with rebel and calculator bots
  • minor typos

Version 1.0.0

  • added a new alternate ending path
  • few fixes with sounds coming from nowhere
  • little tweaks


  • added a new NPC: calculator bot
  • an hologram shows your progress unlocking the flying bot
  • allow jump as "confirm" in hacks and for "rebel" dialog
  • slight music behavior changes to hub and savannah area (small delay before starting)


  • explorer mind interface cursor position when choosing "back"
  • minor cosmetic changes to cliff, savannah, temple, small collision adjustments in temple and fix in a hack terminal phase
  • save-point added before challenge room 3. dying there wasn't fun
  • a red cross indicates if you have found every artefact in a level


  • "game saved" notification when saving the game
  • message pops up with mini bot to tell player he needs access terminal technology
  • slightly more diffuse sound in waterfall temple entrance
  • up arrow was missing to access terminal with upgrade
  • faster cooldown on jump ability
  • changed some buttons : let me know if you are unhappy with buttons or notice bugs, I had to adapt some areas to match change.