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this bug is anoying

A topic by space drive created Nov 03, 2018 Views: 841 Replies: 9
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i made a two handed axe that some one wanted but he whould not take it and i did it agian still

same thing happened to me too

If you put the wrong grip on it, it does not make a two hand axe


You need to make sure it's a two handed grip. If the customer requests a specific grip, they will not take anything other than what they asked for.

Is it something like when you have already made the whole weapon but it still named as the Grip? If so, having the same problems here, help!

Me to.

In the way of the 2h axe delema make sure you not only have the proper hilt but the "Double Axe Head" made with 3 ingots. I also noted the difference in hilts for one and two hand swords, 2h blades need a "Strong" hilt with the 2h grip. Also if the wep you made keeps the name of its grip then it's effectively an "incorrect" i.e. unknown build and won't be accepted by customers. 

i made a axe that said 2 handed axe

i had a customer ask for a brass pole arm, non specific. i made it with an uncommon grip and dagger blade but when i tried to give it to him, he didn't take it. reforged it and he still didn't take it. i even tried different variants but nothing seemed to work. he eventually timed out and left. plz fix 

idk what happened but did you use a pole thing