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Package GameMaker rooms and load them as you please · By YellowAfterlife

I cannot set the project up

A topic by Largerest created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 315 Replies: 3
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I start a fresh project and import the extension.

I created an object named "blank". I created another object named "object0" and in its create event I set the variable "room_pack_blank_object" to blank.

I put the two in an empty room.

I try to run the GMRoomPack executable but it just opens and closes immediately without being seeing a what I was meant to see.
What am I doing wrong?


Can you pick "Show in directory", Shift+Right-click on an empty spot, pick "Open command prompt" / "Open PowerShell", and open (".\GMRoomPack.exe", Enter) it from there? Should tell you what the error is then.

This is the error.


Oh! That means that I forgot to add a DLL and you don't happen to have Neko VM installed for you to have one already.

Here's that:

if that's all of troubles, I'll update the extension with it in a few