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Using the blank playbook

A topic by Terrencer created Oct 25, 2023 Views: 132 Replies: 1
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Greetings, I'm trying to make a custom playbook or two to give more variations on the theme of being a knight for an arthurian myth themed campaign. In the process I've run into the practical problem of not being able to correctly edit the provided blank playbook PDF template. I've tried using libreoffice and Scribd so far, what would the editor of the system recommend?

My thanks in advance for a response


Hi, thanks for asking. The Full Version zip document should have the blank playbook in three different filetypes:

  • The PDF can be edited in Adobe Acrobat. I also tested it with and and both seemed to work great.
  • The docx file was intended to be edited in Microsoft Word, unfortunately OpenOffice wasn't able to open it properly.
  • The Indd file is for Adobe Indesign, and is the original raw file where the playbook was designed and layed out.

I hope that helps!