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Scopicity: Solo TTRPG

Journaling Game where for Solo World Building · By Sparuh

Solo Scribes - Showcase Your Creations!

A topic by Sparuh created Oct 25, 2023 Views: 68
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In this forum, share your own Scopicity designs, snippets and progress. We want to see what microscopic tales our community has crafted!

Feel free to introduce your Scopicity concept, post character profiles, share journal excerpts, maps, artwork or anything else related to your creation. No Scopicity is too big or small to showcase.

Some suggestions:

  • Explain your Scopicity’s premise, inhabitants, features, landscapes and more. Provide an overview.
  • Share your early notes, drawings, character sheets. We want to see your development process!
  • Link to any recordings, streams, blogs or play reports showing your Scopicity in action.
  • Ask for feedback on specific elements like races, cultures, creatures etc. that you’re developing.

We can’t wait to see the microscopic realms fellow scribes have envisioned and support each other’s creativity. Now let’s get scribing!