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Guardian Angel - A Weeping Angel Parody

An ominous thriller game based on strategic pathways and decision making. · By Spalato Bros

My gameplay and comments

A topic by Viixun created Oct 28, 2018 Views: 54 Replies: 1
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This game was really well made and I loved the idea of having to walk and find places by turning around quickly and walking backwards, the game wasn't too hard but also wasn't too easy, it definitely scared the first few times! Also I really liked the idea of the places being marked after I've turned the switches on which would prevent me from going to the same place twice! The only problem is that somehow I broke the game and the graphics went to the lowest which made the game less 'spooky' for me, but still playable!


Thank you much!
Oh that is unfortunate about the graphics...The reason for that is there is a system in the game that detects frame-rate, if the game runs at 30fps or below for 10 seconds it auto adjusts the quality settings to suit a higher frame-rate.
But thank you for that feedback! We will use this experience to perhaps make the player have the option to lower the graphics rather than it do it automatically!

But nevertheless, the video was great! You're doing an amazing job entertaining me as a viewer! I really wish the best for your you-tube channel! 
Keep the videos coming!