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BvhImporterExporter (for Unity 3D)

A topic by Winterdust created Jul 18, 2016 Views: 528
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Ever wanted to dynamically import a skeleton during runtime in your game?

With BvhImporterExporter you can! Simply give the path to a .bvh file to the BVH class' constructor and the skeleton and its animation will be imported into the game.

+ Import skeleton rest pose and animation into Unity during runtime.
+ Several methods to help you modify the imported data to for example change the frame rate, rename bones or make a skeleton "run in the same spot".
+ Export the modified BVH back to a new .bvh file if you want to fine-tune it in for example Blender.
+ Create AnimationClips that works with both the legacy system and the Mecanim system.
+ Extremely fast, most animations will only take a few milliseconds to import.
+ Able to not import every single frame in an animation for even faster import time and lighter resource demand (useful if you have 120 FPS .bvh files but don't need that much in-game).
+ Supports multi-threading for most of its work.

A showcase "BVH Viewer" is available (with C# source code).

If you want to have easy-to-use mod support in your game this is a great way to enable it!

Check it out: