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When you get lost, come back

Interactive Non Fiction on meditation, mindfulness, spirituality and religion · By JigmeDatse

going back

A topic by Trasku created Oct 24, 2018 Views: 57 Replies: 3
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There does not seem to be anyway to go back


I am looking at this right now, and when I use my computer, it seems that there are ways to make it go back.  But I can see that it wasn't working for you (and I couldn't find it sitting beside you).  I'll need to do some testing to see if there is a problem that just needs a minor fix, or if there is a function I will need to add in order to have ways of going back.  While it "develops" as a tree with a single root, I'm not sure how best to do the "breadcumbs" as it won't nescesarilly be that you can only go one route from the root to a given page.  In fact, I believe currently there are at least a few that will allow you to get to in different ways.  

Just looked again, the "undo" and "redo" buttons do show up, but they are very poorly displayed. The "breadcrumbs" feature is an interesting thing we should consider a bit.  


I could adjust how the "undo" and "redo" buttons show up.  But I kind of like some of how the breadcrumbs can work.