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"App is not compatible with your phone"

A topic by SRB2er created Oct 01, 2023 Views: 291
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Edit: it now works, and it's kinda upscaled, but that's good, cuz it means it's easier to draw things.

So I've used tic80 version 1.0.2164 on my mobile for a while now and now that I have seen the new version, 1.1, I wanted to, well, try it out!

Problem is that, for some reason, the 1.1 version is not compatible with my device, so I can't install it.

My best guess for the reason has something to do with abiFilters in the build.gradle in the android/app folder as I managed to fix a similar problem with another app, though I now unfortunately don't have the means to be able to do it here. (my device is a 32bit one btw I think)

So yeah, that.