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Accountability Groups

A topic by Ohmygiggles created 18 days ago Views: 159 Replies: 3
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I'm not 100% sure if this is being posted in the right category. But...I was thinking about starting a monthly accountability group for developers who don't have the support system to give feedback, or hold them accountable for finishing a project. In the writing world, its not uncommon to have writing work shops every few weeks, or once a month to pass around their work and give feedback. The idea that something has to be turned in by a strict deadly certainly helps some people with staying on track and finishing their game. 

Maybe post a demo once a month, and hop on a discord group to give feedback to one another once a month? Is there already a place for this that I've completely missed, or is this something that other people might be interested in? Let me know! I'd love to get something started by October or November <3

That's actually a really good idea, although it could be tough to manage if it's just one big group for all of itch... imagine a thread with 40 updates on totally different games, at that point it is basically just the screenshot thread. Which is fine, but if it was divided into small groups based on categories or something then there would be more space for feedback (and people would be comparing within their own genre)

There should definitely be a breakdown of groups by genre, and maybe even by how far along the game is in development. Maybe each month have a little "sign up" for those groups and at the end of the month have a discord meeting or something so people can upload what it is they got done. Or maybe even treat it similar to a game jam where people can upload little demos of their progress for feedback? I dunno, just spit-balling based on what I used to do in writing groups.

We would just kind of give everyone a "turn in" date for the group that signs up. Read and review everyone's work over the week, and at the next meeting talk about it. Not sure if that could translate as easily in game dev. 

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i think the most appropiate for that could be mount a Forum like PHPBB for people publish their own "threads" and people at same time can post their comments or feedback

since the Forums can be "configured" for some "categories" you can config it for various types of Genres of games, off topic general discussion etc etc

also another "way" could be mount a EXE client app that "deal" with a mysql server online for make like your own "app" (client) for manage multiple things, not only the feedback and game publishing board, for example you can integrate in the app a component for paypal payments or for example in the part of "deadlines dates" (this could be entered when a group post a game project) make in another TAB a calendar style dashboard with that dates and name of projects for the users can view in wide range a lot of projects with the estimated date of finnish (i said estimated cos in software development you never know really when you going to end) but in a EXE app the possibilities of make your own "cook" of thing is unlimited overall if you using proffesional dev tools like Rad Studio C++ Builder