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Assassins Robot

A topic by LucasGamarra created Oct 12, 2018 Views: 119
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Hey guys, i want to share my game dev! Assassins robots is a game about a robot infitrating a spaceship and destroying all the enemies inside. The game is focus on being hard, and so far it has only 1 mission, but it's fully functional. I had some feed back from the alpha and i improved the game play, fixed many bugs, add a artbook to anyone who wants to see some detais. Kelvin, the guy who is helping me with the sound made many updates as well. Now i want to plan the mission 2, with a new environment, new enemies, and challenges, and i would love to see what you guys think would be a good way to go. Check it out the mission 1, i'm looking foreward to see what people think!

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