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[Godot][Programmer][Hobby] Developer looking for a 2D artist

A topic by Teofix created 23 days ago Views: 253 Replies: 10
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Hi everyone, I'm a Godot engine developer and I'm looking for a 2D artist.

I want to make a game from start to finish with another person to improve my skills and stay motivated.

This is a hobby project so I'm not looking for commissions.

I have a couple of game ideas I would like to make but if you have a game you would like to make we can discuss it. 

Hi there! Is this project paid?

I´m a 2d artist and i would like to know more about the project.


Hi, as stated in the post "This is a hobby project so I'm not looking for commissions.", sorry.

ok, thanks for the reply

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Hi Teofix, I have experience doing pixel art, and can also program in GDScript to boot. Are you still looking for help?

Hi, yes I am. Feel free to add me on discord: Teofix.

Hi, teofix, I need your discord ID too, (a # followed by four numbers), to add you on discord. Mine's TheShadow#2561, it might be easier for you to add me.

i’ve sent a request!

I'd be willing to work on a protect! I have some examples of my art on my page

I've sent a friend request on Discord.

Hey, I also want to learn Godot engine so I let's learn together

I could do 2D and 3D for reference you may see my works:

Looking forward to working with you :D