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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis


A topic by Fletchskin created Oct 10, 2018 Views: 4,070 Replies: 3
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Ive been trying to get all the achievements and im only missing a few now... but I have no idea how to get these last ones.... any help would b appreciated :D

Queen which I thought would b losing 2 ogres 3 times? but its not or isnt working properly.

Seat of Power its something to do with Silajam but not sure what?

and Nursery?  get filled up with spiders? I have done the dungeon multiple times but cant find out the combination to get this unlocked?

i getthe queen achievement by surrending to beastmistress and failing, you will obtain her gallery, and then you fail again, this take me to game over, so you probably want to save before fighting her, but obtained the quuen achievement

Thanks! i always just figured it was from the ogre since when you lose to her you get ranks of size queen? i think is what it is

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Does anyone know how to get the nursery achievement? 

-EDIT- nvm, i got it. You need to ignore the tiny spider on the ruins, surrender to the spider lady and then chose the first option. Also you need to fail all 3 checks that come after that (strenght, endurance and magic).

(To get seat of power you need to call the brothel owner fat btw).