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Setting Mega Man series on Twitch

A topic by AstroTibs created Jul 14, 2016 Views: 374 Replies: 4
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Hi everyone. I recently finished setting Mega Man. I plan to set all six NES Mega Man games. This is going to wind up being time-consuming and I figured I'd at least share the "love" that is my slow progress.

A couple of hours ago I lost all my Mega Man 2 progress thanks to an auto-save bug in 3DNes (it sounds like this will be addressed in a future version—wait a second after saving!). I figured if I'm going to do this again from scratch, I might as well broadcast it. Maybe people watching can pick up on tricks or offer their own.

Sure I'll watch some of it, if you'll stream again.

He should archive the streaming so everyone can watch later !!!

Here's a promo video for the first game

Mega Man on 3DNes

Second game:

Mega Man 2 on 3DNes