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Momentum Mechanic Advice

A topic by Gabenmon created Oct 05, 2018 Views: 187 Replies: 3
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Hey all! Butterflies is pretty fun so far, but I find myself trying to dash like in Jet Set Radio. After fooling around for a while in the tutorial I'm still not quite sure how dashing works. There seems to be two colors on the meter? Sometimes I can begin a dash, and sometimes I cannot? I seem to loose momentum on the ground. Most importantly, what is the timing on the blue sparking skates? And what does that do for me? Gimme y'all's tips.

i was like this for a while too, it's a lot easier to boost once you have an xinput controller. but the main trick is to spam the trigger button until you dash and then hold it down once you start dashing. you'll stay dashing for 2 seconds then youll have to do some tricks to gain more speed.

and as for the meter colors, the blue is your speed level. the pink is the trick level. lets say that you have 2/3 of the meter filled with pink. you can do a level 2 trick in the air if you hold down left trigger while you trick. be sure to complete the trick before you hit the ground otherwise you will lose all your speed. Zinnie is actually a lot easier to gain speed with once you unlock her.



Don't mash, you'll only mess up your controller. You have to press as your foot hits the ground, then hold for 2 seconds of dash.

The 2 meters are Voltage (blue), which you gain by dashing and tricking, and Power (magenta), which is Voltage multiplied by speed. You need enough Power to pull bigger tricks.