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Pixel Fx Designer

Design pixelart effects and render them to .png sprite sheets or .gifs. · By CodeManu

Pixel FX Designer inputs

A topic by DTek created Oct 04, 2018 Views: 147 Replies: 1
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I'd like to say, thank you for the tool and all the support ! I purchased most of your tools and planning to use these in the future, your support is really needed as the program has a lot of bugs at this point, but we're here to Q&A :D .
I've been studying pixel fx designer and working with it for a short while, and will continue doing so. I'm planning to write here my humble recommendations, issues and outcomes I have with the program. I'll give each of these a number so we all know what we're referring to.

1) Issue : if I save my .ppd in another folder, or load a ppd located in another folder, the visuals will no longer be activated.  Instead the program either displays errors or crashes.
2) I understand the sprite Import is still in WIP, just going to say that I'm really looking forward to it. Right now I don't understand what the frame width and height are, and I cannot use it as is ( nothing displays, WIP I assume ^^ or I'm just terrible at it ).
3) I'd like to say that there are changes between the version that is displayed on youtube and the current version we have. This generally wouldn't be a problem, however the UI seems different, and I'm wondering if there will be such UI modifications in the future.
4) Suggestion :  please add the option to have the emitter play again right after ALL the particles have gone. 
5) Getting a number of crashes, especially when using old examples and modifying them. Not sure if this is normal or not.

Thank you again ! best wishes :)

1) That is another bug that should be fixed in next versions.

2) Frame Width/Height are the size of the particle you want to import if you have the animation speed higher than 0.

3)About the UI difference in youtube videos is due we are constantly improving the tool adding more features.

4) YOu already can do it, there are some examples like the Explosion_Orb and similar that are executed one time and after finish starts again. Look how their are done.

5) We are working on a new update that should fix most of the errors like load the thunder example and others.