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Detective Chirpums: Private Investigator

The city's only detective. Because SOMEONE had to. · By detective

I can't use Paypal

A topic by Xananax created Jul 12, 2016 Views: 289
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Hello, I have had my eye on Detective Chirpums for a while. It's on my list, always go back to it, wonder why I haven't bought it yet, and every time I click "buy", I remember: there isn't a payment option beside Paypal. You probably don't know, but of all the existing payment gateways, Paypal is the only one that decides on its own and for no reason to blacklist certain countries. I live in such a country, and thus can't use Paypal.

I know that I'm in a very small minority, and it's probably not worth setting a new payment gateway just for the 1% of potential buyers, but in case it's not too difficult to set up, it would be cool. Keep up the good work!