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Project TDS

Play either the alien swarm, the hero or head 2 head in this shoot'em up homage to the 80's games · By Vicious Robot Rodent

FAQ Sticky

A topic by Vicious Robot Rodent created Jul 11, 2016 Views: 184
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  • How to play?
    • Just unpack the archive and run tds on linux or tds.exe on Windows, neat uh?
  • What are the controls?
    • The left and right cursor controls the hero ship. Space fires the main weapon and Z fires the alternate one.
    • To control the alien swarm, you just click over an alien to make it fire its alternate weapon or drag it to initiate a dive to trample the hero ship. You can drag the alien ship to the direction you want it to make its initial fly.
  • How do i deactivate sounds/music?
    • No controls for now :( sorry
  • How do i quit a currently playing game?
    • ESC key is your friend.
  • My game is sluggish/unresponsive/hangs?
    • Please, let me know your OS, GPU, CPU and RAM so i can debug it.
If you feel anything is left out from the faq, shoot me a message here.